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Farmer foil tunnels and blocks

Farmer is a leading manufacturer of foil tunnels and blocks with equipment.
The constant cooperation of Farmer with the horticulture, nursery and vegetable industries allows us to respond to various market requirements and meet even the highest expectations of customers.
Foil tunnels are intended for gardening, nursery and for various fruit and vegetable crops.

The offer of Farmer includes:

  • single foil tents
  • foil tunnels combined
  • foil tunnels on poles
  • wide foil tunnels
  • light foil tunnels for seasonal crops
  • elements of horticultural tunnels equipment
  • gardening foils
  • orchard sprayers

Polish producer of foil tunnels

Farmer CO. as a Polish producer of foil tunnels has properly designed, reliable facilities adapted to our climate zone. Our tunnels, foil tents are resistant to loads caused by snow or wind.

Farmer CO. horticultural tunnels are produced in our production hall located in Borek 352, 32-765 Rzezawa.


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  • Hala produkcyjna Farmer
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The company provides services in the field of:

  • production of foil tunnel constructions
  • assembly of foil tunnels and blocks
  • modernization of existing facilities
  • consulting in technical solutions
  • preparation and replacement of foil on structures
  • montażu assembly of foil tunnel equipment components

We are open to cooperation!



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