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About us

Farmer is a Polish manufacturer that specializes in creating durable foil tunnels. The brand's operation since 1995 allows it to be one of the largest and most recognizable on the Central European market.
Continuous improvement of our products and introduction of innovative solutions enabling full equipment of a foil tunnel and qualified staff with many years of experience makes Farmer a leader in its industry for years.
We create our Polish foil tunnels based on the highest quality steel and zinc on the market with a specially smooth surface. As a result, they are highly resistant to the negative effects of changing weather conditions. This in turn eliminates the risk of corrosion spots originating. Moreover, our horticultural foils are distinguished with a large variety and adaptation to the individual needs of each crop.
As a Polish manufacturer, we not only create comprehensive equipment for a foil block, but also take care of the professional installation of our tunnels. The assembly team of many years of experience becomes a guarantee of a solid and long-lasting structure.


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